Adding technology to speed and pressure.

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Monitor It!

AgOtter allows you to see, monitor and record all the Sprayer's essential information. See and record your spray time, acres, coverage map and all spray data.

Control It!

AgOtter's Valve controls to a constant rate of spray regardless. Set it to a rate and forget it.

Record It!

View the spray jobs remotely. Wirelessly send AgOtter's logs to any email or transmit over the Apple device's cell modem so you can view all of the spray details.

Don't Worry About It!

AgOtter's patent-pending technology combines inertail magnetic sensors with GPS/GNSS so satellite signals can lost but logging, mapping and rate control continue uninterrupted.

What rolag can do

For You


This small box holds the computer, the GPS/GNSS receiver, the inertial system, the speed sensor reader and the data logger.

Apple Devices

This displays the data – the map, the rate, the speed, the acres or hectares, the gallons or liters, etc.

Meters (Electromagnetic)

It tells the Controller how much is flowing through the system and this is wirelessly relayed for real-time monitoring.

Valve (Stainless Steel)

The Controller tells it to open or close based on current rate, which is gathered from the meters & affected by vehicle speed & pressure.

Ground Speed Sensor

Calculates the exact speed and distance of the vehicle by sensing every bolt in the wheel as it passes in front of the fixed sensor.